Greg Beekman/ Renegade83 Productions LA, CA Ph # (818)237-0108 July 20, 2021

   I have been a freelance TV production accountant in Los Angeles since the mid 1980’s.I have worked in Episodic TV, MOW’s and for the last 20 plus years, reality TV. Like most of us, the studio presented us with an accepted printer for our check stock and other needs. I have done shows with Entertainment Partners almost exclusively all that time. I have used the same printing company in Texas for the Duration.

  I’m getting up there and I tend to stay with what has worked before. Little did I know there was a far superior printing and single source PA service company locally. I got a referral to PAC EASY from my controller and investigated their service and pricing.  I was absolutely blown away.  After I saw samples of their work, and spoke to one of their people, I was totally sold!  Fast, Knowledgeable, with vast resources, and yes, a small percentage of what I had been paying all these years! No rush fees, less shipping costs, and spectacularly quick turnaround. I am spreading the word to all my productions and we will be exclusively using PAC from this day forward for my Check Stock, consumables, HP printers and all the other items we PA’s need in narrow time windows.