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From FCI turned Gulf business Forms to Ennis, PAC has been behind the scenes catering to the unique needs of Production Payroll Companies, Production Accountants and Production Finance Executives since 1996.  PAC set the gold standard and that standard will not be compromised or sold to venture capitalists. PAC’s Team of dedicated experts helped shape the Production Accounting landscape.  PAC has consulted for Executives at Entertainment Partners, Central Casting, Axium-to-Ease, Cast and Crew, Media Services, Team Services, Revolution, GreenSlate and Studio IT, Finance, and Treasury Executives directly.  Cheque Guard ™ (printed on EP’s payroll checks) helped clear the way for secure check MICR/ OCR/ Check 21 encryption; transforming bank data exchange nuisances (positive pay) to simplicity, and real-time.  As an ANSI X.9 Member, PAC was an integral part of creating and deploying Check 21 imaging technology, laws and guidelines including IRD (Image Replacement Documents) now standardized throughout the banking industry.  PAC works closely with financial institutions; hence, we are uniquely positioned to merge production accounting needs with ever-evolving bank and treasury technology requirements in the United States, Canada and Europe.

FINEXTRA: About Cheque Guard - 3/15/2006 - "This landmark effort, included nineteen financial institutions, technology vendors, and federal agencies -- Advanced Software Design Corporation (ASD), Bank of America, BB&T, Canadian Payments Association, Cheque Guard, Clarke American, Compass Bank, Deluxe, Federal Reserve, First Citizens Bank, Fiserv Imagesoft, U.S. Treasury's Financial Management Service, John H. Harland Company, JPMorgan Chase, NCR, The National Clearing House, Primary Payment Systems, Softpro, and SQN Banking Systems."   https://www.finextra.com/news/announcement.aspx?pressreleaseid=8481 (Download pdf)



Strength in numbers

As a specialized entertainment technology Team, PAC’s inherent strength lies in our dedication to vertical market partnering and expanding networks.  By doing so, PAC provides unique benefits to our production accounting customers.  PAC is entirely dedicated to providing leading edge solutions, expertise, and uncompromised service to the production side of feature films, television and episodic projects, commercials and touring music.  Simply stated, PAC is a single-source for all production accountants.  Our competitive pricing, expertise, and customer dedication remain unparalleled.    

Meet our Team

team work makes the dream work

Emil Ramzy -
Harley Turner -
Brett Flaharty -
Scott Leutwyler -
Sarkis Diamond -
Dale Sanders -
Lori Frances -
Rashawn Vaughn -
Chris McEwan -
and John Robinson.